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Photo circa 1947, I always wanted to be a cowboy! Whether working for a short time on the historic Hansen Ranch in Jackson Hole as a young man, just out of the service, to working the stock at the Jackson Rodeo, it nurtured in me a love of the American Cowboy. From my home in Dubois,Wyoming. I look forward each spring to roundup time with my good Friend, John Sides. On his 20,000 acre cattle ranch in South Dakota, each year we relive what ranchers and cowboys have done since cattle were introduced to the west. Little has changed in a hundred years and the experience and camaraderie is all cowboy. The period of 1820 to 1880 on the western plains was the most colorful in American history. Unfortunately, I was born too late to experience it first hand.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest paintings

I have changed "the Arroyo" again by pushing the background way back and I think it helps this piece. I believe I am finished with it. I have redone the foregound in "Above Horse Creek in Autumn" and made the colors a little deeper to make it read better and finally I did a little cloud painting of "Clouds over the Gros Ventres".

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dressed to Kill

Since I am on a run of posts here I might as well bare all and show you the other painting I have been working on, a figurative one. I am not wild about it either, that is why it is on my blog rather than my web site. I wanted to do this portrait since the model, Jay Redhawk is wearing my replica bearclaw necklace and the shield that I made. It is just kind of dull and flat and I am not sure how to cure it. Painting over it with another subject usually does it but I am not ready to give up on it yet.

Above Horse Creek in Autumn

I am trying to do a few of these scenic paintings for a nature center fundraiser n April. I don't know how well the western scenes will go over in Ohio but we will find out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Arroyo at Dennison Ranch

Well I was not happy with the Dennison Arroyo so I worked on it a little more. I am not sure I helped it much but I tried. I am mostly a figure painter so I have to push myself a little to do scenery and plein air. I have started a smaller 8x10 fall scene titled "Above Horse Creek in Autumn" which I hope is better and will post soon

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dennison Ranch Arroyo

Finally the snow has begun to melt and the air is beginning to warm. Life is looking better and I finally have had time to get back to the easel. Deadlines for upcoming spring shows have something to do with it also. I am finishing up a 11x14 piece "The Arroyo" done in oil. It is of an arroyo on the old Dennison Ranch outside Dubois. I have wanted to paint this arroyo for some time and finally got to do it.