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Photo circa 1947, I always wanted to be a cowboy! Whether working for a short time on the historic Hansen Ranch in Jackson Hole as a young man, just out of the service, to working the stock at the Jackson Rodeo, it nurtured in me a love of the American Cowboy. From my home in Dubois,Wyoming. I look forward each spring to roundup time with my good Friend, John Sides. On his 20,000 acre cattle ranch in South Dakota, each year we relive what ranchers and cowboys have done since cattle were introduced to the west. Little has changed in a hundred years and the experience and camaraderie is all cowboy. The period of 1820 to 1880 on the western plains was the most colorful in American history. Unfortunately, I was born too late to experience it first hand.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quest for the Ivorybilled Woodpecker

I just returned from a very chilly week in the Cyprus Swamps of North Florida hunting for the allusive Ivorybilled Woodpecker. The morning temperature ranged from 13 degrees above zero to 22 degrees above zero. It was sunny so the afternoons warmed up into the 30s and 40s. We were not successful this trip in verifying the existance of the Ivorybill but it is a 500,000 acre swamp we are searching so it is a little like a needle in a haystack. I did get a nice picture of a Redshouldered Hawk though. Our team consisted of 18 artists, scientists and adventurers, as well as a videographer. We hope to have some paintings and a video as a result of our trip.

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